Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox

Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox

Protect and destroy files with total confidence


  • Fast and efficient
  • Good choice of encryption/shredding algorithms
  • Shred/delete files automatically after processing


  • Help is online only
  • No password creation features/help

Very good

Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox is a compact tool to help protect your privacy by encrypting and shredding confidential files.

The Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox interface is a little plain, but easy to use. The software is divided into two areas - File Shredder and Digital Lock. File Shredder is pretty self-explanatory - it allows you to safely dispose of files, folders, the recycle bin, system files and to free disk space.

Digital Lock is the encryption element of Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox. It will allow you to encrypt/decrypt your files as well as creating self-extracting files and secure email attachments for sharing. Each Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox function uses a wizard-like interface to perform each task, making it easy for everyone to use.

Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox's configuration settings mainly deal with the different encryption/shredding options, helpfully providing a brief description of each method. The application also has an auto-update feature, but bear in mind that help is online only.

Keep your files and folders as safe as possible with Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox.

Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox


Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox

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